E-Payment Solution base on PKI Verification by VISA
Service Brand ISP(Internet Secure Payment) Service VISA 3D-Secure Protocol
Architecture - Uses the X.509 v3 standard type certificate
method of the PKI.
- RSA 2048bit, 3-DES 128bit, SHA1 etc.
- End to End Security: Encryption of entire
process, blocking of the exposure of card
and member information etc.
- SSL type encryption applied
- 3Domain(Issuer, Acquirer, Interoperability)
- ACS(Issuer) , MPI(Merchant) Development & Application
Process Structure Single Simultaneous handling of certification
and approval
Authorization Completed after Authentication
Service Status - Affiliates: largest credit card company and
largest bank in the country etc.
- No. of Members: Over 10 Million(Over 14
million cards)
- No. of Transactions Handled: Over 10
million a month (Market Share 50%)
- Electronic Payment Solution of Visa
- Designation by VISA International as
certification Vendor
- Service Adopted by International & National Credit Card Issuers
DEMO View ISP Service(Enrollment, Payment) View VISA 3D-Secure DEMO
(Enrollment, Payment)